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RE: VTP Defaults and rogue VTP servers. [7:129678] posted 02/06/2008
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Hi Geoff,

I think that this is worth checking as I had the same question as part of my
CNNP prep. My recollection was that I was amazed at the defaults ... there
is nothing apart from manually configuring passwords or "transparent" mode
that can protect your VLANs. Blank is only blank until something else in the
network generously advertises an alternative. I've just had a quick search
and found:

It may be dated but it aligns with what I remember!! :-)

"In the Domain Name field, enter a name that identifies the administrative
domain for the switch. Note: Do not configure a domain name if all switches
are operating as VTP clients; in this case, configuring a domain name makes
changing the VLAN configuration for the domain impossible.

By default, no domain name is defined, but VTP is not active until a name is
defined or until it is learned from an advertisement.
Domain names range from 1 to 32 characters and are case sensitive.
Note: Once the domain name is configured or learned, you cannot reset it to
a blank or undefined name."

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