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8 port E1 card for 7206 vxr [7:129665] posted 02/05/2008
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I am using 7206 vxr -NPE G2. And we are getting E1 (G.703, 120 Ohm
Balanced) links to my remote offices. I am planning to configure those
E1 links as full 2 mbps link (unchannelized). Which card will I need. I
am looking for 8 port E1 card.
Is PA-MC-8E1/120 the right cord or there is some other option as well. I
will be using it only for Data. As per my understanding MC can be
configured to use for Voice and Data. Since I will have only data, is
there any card which can be used only for Data. There may be huge price

Thanks - LK

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