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Re: CCIE Adivce [7:129623] posted 02/03/2008
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I hear some talking about the proc. log to the router during the 1st half of 
time and try to make some changes .
I cant believe it but some ppl found their config has changed when they came 
back after the break


""C C""  wrote in message 
> Thank you for the advice.
> I currently use IPExperts, and have been to the week long bootcamp.  I 
> guess
> I am going to have to buckle down and really work through some of the 
> labs,
> as well as become a little more active on their boards.
> I also do everything I can to verify as I go.  I also reload my entire
> atleast three times (lunch, mid-afternoon, hour before finish).  Also, as
> for the timelines mentioned by Scott, while I dont believe in them as 
> much,
> I do believe I should be a fair amount of the way through the Layer 2 / 
> section before lunch if I want any chance.  On my second attempt, I was
> extremely happy, I had made it through Layer 2, IGP, and was almost 
> through
> BGP by lunch time.  And on that one I actually only missed one question on
> those three sections.
> I have rescheduled my lab.  At first it wasn't until July because of no
> dates available, but just this evening, one in early March opened up, and 
> I
> have secured it.  While I dont want to become one of those people that 
> take
> it once a month like 10 times before they pass, I really want to get this
> out of the way now.
> If there is any more advice, I am wide open to hearing more stuff.
> Thanks
> CC

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