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RE: Multihomed and Default routing [7:128360] posted 11/30/2007
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Okay, I know everyone has been talking about messing with exit paths via
BGP and having the ISP advertise routes and such but here are my

1. As I mentioned in an earlier email, use two default routes one to
each ISP for per session load balancing.
2. Or if you have something like a PIX Firewall behind the routers then
you can setup HSRP between the two routers and have the default path
pointing to the virtual IP.

Either of the two solutions will be much simpler than doing unnecessary
changes to your BGP config and also provide redundancy. Especially since
it sounds like you're on a smaller network, the eBGP peering with your
ISPs are established strictly so that they can receive advertisements of
your network. Absolutely no need to go any further and reinvent the


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Easy question - Two routers (iBGP between the two, loopbacks used), Two
total with eBGP peering. I'm not taking any routes from either ISPA/B
and I
need to default out 1 connection.

Multiple default statics or default
originate with metric changes? Which would be the most preferred method?
of ways to do it..

A lab setup just like
a0080093f2c.shtml .. just need to add in the default configuration...

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