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RE: 6500 vs 3750-E [7:128346] posted 11/28/2007
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What about the 450x-E series?
Half between the 3750 and 6500?


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Subject: 6500 vs 3750-E [7:128346]

I am contemplating two designs for my network upgrade:

Both designs have Dual 6500 cores with dual Sup720's

But Design A has 6500's with single Sup32's at access layer too  whiel
Design B has 3750-E stacks at access layer

I know 6500's with single Sup's is a risk at the access layer as if the SUP
blows up, the entire closet goes down. Any other disadvantages to this
solution you can think of when compared to using 3750 stacks? Isn't
scalability another? What else?

Thank you

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