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Re: BSCI/CCIE Written - Misc. OSPF Questions [7:128310] posted 11/28/2007
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On Tuesday 27 November 2007, brian gifford wrote:

> 2. The BDR doesn't send Type-2's as well, right?  In an area with 3
> routers, 2 of which are ABR's, wouldn't only one of them (the DR) be
> sending Type 2's?

Just to clarify things a bit: even if an ABR can be a DR, the ABR and DR 
roles are totally disjointed. One is related to /areas/, the other is 
related to /multiaccess networks/. Therefore, saying "an area with two 
DRs" is confusing at least.

(Your sentence above seemed to suggest that a multiaccess network equals 
an area. Of course, I'm sure you know the difference; I just wanted to 
explicit it).


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