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Netscout taps (semi offtopic) [7:124574] posted 08/05/2007
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So I re-re-wired my network for the sake of analyzing packets. How they play
out on devices, how they affect routes/VLAN's, etc, and I decided to throw
my Netscout in the mix for the sake of not always having to run Wireshark
since my injections fill up too much disk space. Anyhow, got both
(fibertap/ethtap) to work as they should. With this said... Run over to
Netscout's website to find a demo of the software to take a look at my
traffic, no luck. Shot them off an email explaining to them "hey... (pseudo)
student here attempting to understand both traffic and your product... where
can I obtain software" Generic response returned...

Question for anyone
1) is there a contact someone would care disclose off list (sil:
^@infiltrated $. net)

2) What alternatives are others using in a situation like this - remember
this is lab based so I'm free to build any machine

3) For those in the security industry how often have you had to undertake
this situation? Packet analysis

For any employee of a vendor who reads this list, some companies need to
create some mechanism to allow those in the industry who would like to
learn/deal with/become experts with said products to be able to obtain those
resources. Would make life a lot easier and fulfilling on both sides: Your
product gets used/tested/analyzed/promoted, endUser gets to learn your

Anyway thanks in advance, and enjoy the few last hours of this weekend.

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