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errata in INTERNETWORK EXPERT version 4.0 [7:124569] posted 08/05/2007
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just a question to determine if this is an error in the workbook or if I
have misunderstood.
Internetworkexpert Workbook Lab 1 page 29 wants you to have SW1 Fa0/14 as
This SW1 Fa0/14 --- is connected to Fa0/14 SW2 vlan 107.
Obviously I noticed this when I was configuring SW2 due to the error 
message which popped up.
The solutions Guide page 1-1 says nothing about SW1 Fa0/14 but says SW2
Fa0/14 is in vlan 107 (page 1-2)
I think the workbook is wrong.

What do you think?

Is there a collection of errata to be found for these workbooks on the net?


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