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Re: CCNP BSCI exam taken today, failed [7:124275] posted 07/30/2007
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Hey Marc,

Having failed the BSCI with a 787/790 last week, I feel your pain.  I
was definitely under prepared for the questions the test threw at me.
I feel I could retake the test this week and probably have a 50/50
shot of doing better (or worse), but I'd feel better if I spent 30-60
days and got to know the material better.

Joseph's pretty smart, and I plan on going through his list of topics
and refreshing myself on all of them, and I've got some other areas I
know I need to improve on as well (output of 'show ip mroute', 'show
ip pim', and a bunch of 'show isis' commands).  I'm certain that
discussing his list would easily bump my score another 100 points at

I'd like to have somebody (or a couple people) to bounce my
understanding of the topics off of.  I don't feel like I have to
subject the entirety of the groupstudy list reviewing these things, so
we could take it off-line in a sort-of mini-groupstudy list.

Any interest?  Jon, you're welcome to join as well, as is anybody else
interested in taking the BSCI in the next few months (or those of more
experience who just like helping those of us who aren't quite there


On 7/30/07, Marc Jonkers  wrote:
> Hi,
> I did the exam today. I failed, I had 766 passing score is 790, 60
> questions. I had 3 simulations and 2 simlets! That's a lot.
> Anyone have tips on how to pass this exam, damn some questions where
> difficult.
> Thx,
> Marc

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