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RE: What's Up w/ CCIE v3 and BGP? [7:123954] posted 07/27/2007
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Joseph Brunner wrote:
> I "beautiful minded" a difficult bgp question on my written
> (the one they were giving in 2006)...
> You need to know
> Nobody
> Wants 
> Perot
> Running
> Again
> Only 
> Modern
> Economic
> Conservatives
> Open
> in
> Iowa
> Cold... And very fast. As in all the incomplete damn origin
> codes in the world don't meat Sh!t if one of the routes has 1
> as hop, and the rest 2 or more... LOL

OK, I really headed your advice on this one and continue to ensure that I
can recall this accurately and quickly.

> Don't underestimate the written. It wasn't bad, but You do need
> to spend some time with Wendell Odom's Exam Study guide.
> BGP has many tricky things... like its fully compliant with
> RIP/EIGRP split horizon... will maintain next hops on a /24
> frame relay cloud even with split horizon disabled.

I'm doing a wrap-up of my BGP studies for the written and I still don't feel
as though I understand what's being said here.  Can you elaborate or point
me in a direction?

> We now have a non-exist map, and an EXIST map (new). Know when
> to use each... Do you the difference between running a
> confederation and route reflectors when it comes to preventing
> loops? What transitive and non-transitive attributes are used
> by each? How does a confederation handle seeing its own as in
> the path from a sub-as? From an external peer? What are the 15
> or so options of the "aggregate-address" command? What are the
> 15 or so things you can do with communities?
> I once told my old boss I wish they would let me just do the
> lab, since "I'm better hands on, then remembering ethernet
> preambles, and such". he corrected me, if you can't get 90-100
> on the written, you have no chance at the lab... He's
> absolutely right.

I don't mind the written at all.  I'm looking forward to seeing how well I
test on this stuff.  I haven't sat a Cisco exam since recertifying CCNP/CCDP
about three years ago.  My recollection is that those exams (you had to
retake both BSCI and BCMSN back then, I guess only one does the trick now)
were more difficult than the ones I originally had taken to get the
certifications in the first place.  So this should be interesting...

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