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Re: BSCI on Friday [7:124053] posted 07/27/2007
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Fred Damstra wrote:
> I got 787/1000.  Passing was 790.  That's very frustrating.
> The test was quite a bit harder than I expected, but at least I now
> have a better idea what to review.  There were a lot more questions on
> PIM and IS-IS than I'd hoped for.  And the questions on multicast were
> a lot harder than they were on the old BCMSN test.  It's the first
> Cisco test that I found myself short on time.
> What I found frustrating, though, was that questions had errors in
> them.  On at least two questions, the IP addresses on the diagram
> didn't match the ip addresses in the listed configuration.  These
> errors didn't affect the outcome of the questions, but are still
> disconcerting when you're watching for any sort of a trick.
> My self-assessment appears to be off.  At least I know what to study now:
> Breakdown:
> Implement EIGRP Operations: 55%
> Implement Multiarea OSPF Operations: 76%
> Describe integrated IS-IS: 100%
> Implement Cisco IOS routing features: 72%
> Implement BGP for enterprise ISP connectivity: 75%
> Implmenet multicast forwarding: 37%
> Implement IPv6: 77%
> Frankly, I don't know how the score in EIGRP is so low, nor why the
> score in IS-IS is so high.  I'll study up a bit more, focusing on the
> weaker areas, and retake it next week.
> Fred
> On 7/25/07, Joseph Brunner  wrote:
>> Correct DB...
>> The cautious point I was making was if you set the higher to 90 (or 170 if
>> eigrp is subject to mutual re-distribution) you could see that summary
>> back from an eigrp neighbor.
>> Fred, the AD is used locally for generating the LOCAL summary route, not
>> sent to neighbors... Its 5 by default to beat any dynamic routing
>> The thought behind that is if you generate the summary, you probably dont
>> want to get it back from them.
>> For ospf, on the ABR's as apposed to using the area range command, you can
>> use the filter list command and redistribute static routes to null0 for
> your
>> area control...
>> Joe
This is interesting, IS-IS is off if the CCIE but still here..


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