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Re: assistance configuring WiSM blade in cat6513 [7:124141] posted 07/26/2007
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Oops. Ignore the link below. The actual link is:



---- "jjdorris@xxxxxxx"  wrote: 
> You should be able to connect to the console port of the blade without any
> of the interfaces up. Here is the document that I used to get started with
> ours:
> Good luck.
> Jim
> ---- Kenneth Mohammed  wrote: 
> > I cant even get into the WiSM to define a time server..I have one defined
> on
> > the 6513 however. Also I am noticing in the sh ip int brief output that
> > there is port-channel307 and port-channel308 which show admin
> down...however
> > I cannot config either of these channels, as the IOS tells me that the
> valid
> > numbers for port channels are 1-256. Anyone have any ideas as to how i go
> > about turning up these channels??

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