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Re: Dealing with a parity error [7:123667] posted 07/18/2007
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I read an article a few years ago about microscopic magnesium (I think) 
stalagmites that grow in your data center (caused by your raised floor 
tiles). It said that can cause problems especially with power supplies, 
by arcing power across systems. I call them network gremlins.

Fred Damstra wrote:
>> Sunspots.  Wrap all of your networking gear in two layers of foil and then
>> ground the foil.  Works every time.
> Well, seriously, though.  I did some more digging, and occasionally
> they refer to parity errors as "Single Event Upsets" (SEU's), and go
> into the details about subatomic particles.  I don't know how the
> PHB's would have reacted if I told them that the outage was caused by
> a stray neutrino.
> Maybe datacenters need to be built with 10m thick lead walls.  I
> imagine a second router and circuits would be cheaper than that
> build-out, though.

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