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RE: Are you guys on LinkedIn? [7:123384] posted 07/13/2007
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FWIW - I am adding only those who I have "interacted" with at some level
(email-conversation usually), or those who ask.
(To put it another way - I am not following this thread and adding everyone
who posts their info ... not enough time :))

As for what it is worth / what it can do?
Primarily, I use it to help keep track of colleagues in a very fluid /
mobile profession, and to help them keep track of me :).
Not actively "looking" for anything ... 


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>Subject: Re: Are you guys on LinkedIn? [7:123384]
>I respect everyone's opinion, I just don't agree with all of them.
>  There is a critical mass on LinkedIn - supposedly around 200
>connections, where it starts generating work ... this is a darned slow
>month for us so I've got the time to make that happen.
>Fred Damstra wrote:
>> I've been on for awhile, as well.  Not really sure I see the point.
>> Are you folks adding everybody to your connections?  Or just people
>> who's opinions you respect?  I'm not sure that it makes sense to have
>> a hundred connections to people you don't really know that well.
>> Has anybody used it for anything other than just collecting names?
>> Fred
>> On 7/11/07, Neal R  wrote:
>>> Are any of you guys on LinkedIn?
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