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Re: find a IP with only the port/mac [7:118872] posted 03/13/2007
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Hi David,

Assuming you dont' know in which switch the end device is attached to,
and assuming the switch/ the router where the device is attached to is
a cisco device, I would proceed like this:
1. telnet the router or the switch at the remote site.
2. sh cdp nei det
3. telnet the switch/ the router where the port fa0/41 you mentionned
locates (by picking its address from the sh cdp nei det)
4. sh ip arp 000f.b006.afb5



On 3/12/07, David Ristau  wrote:
> Nice responses to the "find a device with only the IP"
> thread, now how about the opposite,
> at a remote site, you know something in on port fa0/41 with a mac address
> 000f.b006.afb5.  you only have telnet access to a router and a switch at
> remote site.  You can use any resources on your workstation at your local
> site.
> How would you get the IP address of the device

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