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Re: What do you think about this job(Updated today [7:118901] posted 03/13/2007
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>>When you're in management, well, let's not go there. :-)
> Yeah, like making twice as much $$$ for not knowing anything.. Unless 
> you're
> a "technical manager" then you had better have a LOW number (like my old
> boss 55xx) who did manage to show me a thing or two to say the least...
> Management rocks! EASY STREET, IMHO! He kept telling me to go to school!

I personally find it rather interesting that on the one hand, many people 
here talk about how IT is a great method to make easy money because you can 
get a decent-paying job without having to go to college at all.  {I 
emphatically disagree with this sentiment because it ignores the perpetual 
studying you have to do for the rest of your career to just keep up with 
whatever new technologies happen to be invented - i.e., in another few 
years, some new hot trend is going to take over the IT world and everybody 
is going to have to learn it to remain employable, and a few years after 
that, it will be something else, etc.  But anyway, the (erroneous) sentiment 
often times expressed on this board is that IT is easy money.}

But parallel to that sentiment, another sentiment is often times expressed 
as shown above - which is that management gets paid even better for knowing 
nothing.  I would emphatically disagree with this notion as well, in that 
while surely some managers know nothing, good managers are crucial to the 
operation of a successful business.  Take a look at Cisco itself.  If Cisco 
wasn't run by top-notch management, Cisco wouldn't be the dominant 
networking vendor in the world and consequently nobody would care about 
learning Cisco technologies and therefore we wouldn't be even sitting here 
talking because this newsgroup wouldn't even exist.  {Notice how there's no 
groupstudy.baynetworks discussion group}

However, even if it is the case that management makes more money for knowing 
nothing, isn't that a good enough, reason all by itself, to enter 
management?  After all, even if it is true that IT is such a desirable 
career because it pays well and doesn't require much work (something, again, 
of which I disagree, but let's suppose it's true), well, if management pays 
even better and requires even less work, it seems to me that we should all 
be striving to become managers then.  So why don't we all just do that?  Why 
should anybody here stay in IT?

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