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RE: reverse telnet with NM-16AM-V2 problem [7:118776] posted 03/08/2007
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I could be freezing because the line is not properly configured.

did you configure it properly?

line 33 48 
no exec
no activation-character
terminal-type VT100
transport preferred none
transport input all
stopbits 1
flowcontrol none

A debug is running on the target router.
now turn that off...


un all

Now, I have a question for you.

My trident D-5 rocket is burning too much fuel before its hitting the third
stage. I've loaded the proper HTPB, PBAN, and Ammonium perchlorate mixture
in tanks 2 and 4, but the seal seems to be too loose. I think I'm losing
fuel before reaching apogee. I have replaced the seals four times, would you
review the telemetry data from the SATCOMM down links, perhaps you could
tell me at what point thrust is failing? Maybe its not a seal, it could be
the ignition booster rods...



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