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RE: When a vendor wants to use a reserved netblock [7:118675] posted 03/06/2007
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They should bring in public arin ip addresses registered to them for this
kind of deal.

Bloomberg, EDS, Goldman, ML, MS, all the big guys use their own space for
these kind of links/vpn's.

It is a bad idea to usurp other people's ip blocks for internal numbering.
It actually may get them in trouble. Imagine I took to number my links to other vendors. they have to route parts of
this network on their internal networks to get to me. It may not be
necessary, if the "in between ip space" is not routed internally, usually
only trace routes will break, unless their genius network admin starts
natting applications to this space too.

Now, HP, the owner of this space, that's right they got it BEFORE IANA
existed, probably about the time I was born, so it's HP's forever, until
merger or an asteroid hits the Yucatan again, starts using it on the
internet. Now my if their is overlap, my connected networks may have to

1. drop my links/nats off their internal routes
2. force me to re-number at to something else.

I think you should stand up to them, and whack their network admins with a
rubber whipping stick!


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