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RE: How much $$ for this position? [7:118676] posted 03/06/2007
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Joseph, you seem to be a smart guy indeed. I value the feedback from other
members, but trying to say that a mere "CCNA" can all that job of
implementing ADSI/LDAP and lead related projects and make 55K-70K seems to
be a bit off to me.

Joseph, according to the interviewer if I get selected I would be part of
the team evaluating, testing and implementing new network infrastructure
security technologies (they gave me examples such as gather requirements and
implement ssl vpn, 802.11i, sometimes exploring features from client/server
he gave me the example of bitlocker on Windows Vista for example). From what
the they told me a ton of Cisco training would be available for this role.

Does it sound like a good position to be in if I want to go for my CCIE in
the future? I think I will have to ask what % of client/server is involved
on this, since I want to go at least with 90% of internetworking from now
on. Also, all the screening questions so far were datacomm related concepts,
not client/server at all. I was screened for questions on WFQ vs CBWFQ,
diffserv vs intserv, IGRP vs OSPF, 802.1D, etc.

Besides this interview, I have another company which invited me for a full
networkops interview in which I would make less money however that's a full
network operations role.

Please let me know your thoughs on this so far. 

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