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Re: time management for certifications [7:118446] posted 03/02/2007
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If you really want the CCIE, I would do this if I were you:

1) pony up and the money and get yourself a home rack with everything you
I spent about 15k to build my home lab.  It is a small investment and I did
it when
I was a graduated student with no job.  I borrowed money from my parents to
this.  Get the rack ready.  I think R&S equipments is cheaper than Security
voice.  But then again, you can CCM and Unity on vmware so voice maybe

2) If you have a job, take off six months and study full time.  You will
study 16
hours every day for six months.

3) Take the lab.  There will a very high probability that you will pass.  It
worked for

Finally, get a job that pays over 100k to repay the loan in #1.  It also
worked in
my situation.

Good luck in your future success !!!!!


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