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RE: time management for certifications [7:118446] posted 03/02/2007
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Darby, I sure hope you are HOURLY! then you have my pat on the back and a
shot on my $600 bottle of pre-nixon scotch!

If not, you are crazy... Find another job. that is not something to brag
about... I would personally bitch slap my boss (if I had one) and tell him
to hire more help, or hire two guys to replace me!

3000 hours a year? that is 38.3333 days more than full-time (40 hours per
week). That is nearly 40 days a year away from women, parties, whatever else
worthwhile you do out side of making some guy RICH!

Believe me he may pat you the back, but he don't care how much you work... I
know several guys who have nice Ferrari's and you know what?
I worked MORE than 3000 hours per year for one guy's company... and he never
through me the keys ONCE to even pick up one nice woman! LOL!


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