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risking the wrath of Godwin - sorry, didn't mean to send that, [7:118402] posted 03/01/2007
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The server had sent me a letter to confirm that I was a member of the
list (apparently haven't posted in so long I was off the active roster)
So I confirmed it and then realized that because I'd done that, my
message, sent last night, was already queued to go the list...

After reading the other posts on this topic, I really had nothing to
add. Especially since there were ambiguities and stuff that wasn't well
Not to mention the NSA might object to some of it (just kidding)

Back to lurking.  There are some really knowledgeable people here.
Thanks all for sharing and I will chip in next time with more on-topic
stuff.  Groupstudy is great, and certification zone is also one of the
better study sites, imho.

Mike Bailey

"Acceptance, forgiveness, love - now that's a philosophy of life!" -
Woody Allen, as Broadway Danny Rose


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