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RE: E&M for VoIP [7:115999] posted 11/29/2006
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The key point here is what features are you looking to pass once you 
migrated to Voip.
Some may not be available and you also need to look at the requirements for 

My advice is to move to a QSIG integration.  What PBX vendor are you trying 
to connect to?
Avaya, Nortel,


>From: "Fred Damstra" 
>Reply-To: "Fred Damstra" 
>To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: E&M for VoIP [7:115999]
>Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 09:31:03 -0500
>We're moving an existing T1 from the legacy PBX to a Cisco gateway for
>VoIP.  It turns out that the T1 is using E&M, and our experience is
>only with PRI groups.
>Is there a way to configure the Cisco gateway to support E&M or do we
>need to reprovision the circuit to be a PRI?  Does anybody have a
>sample configuration?  Any disadvantages to E&M?
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