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RE: AirPcap Testimonials? [7:115353] posted 11/08/2006
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OK, got the unit tonight (shipping wasn't so bad afertall).  I have barely
scratched the surface, but I like it pretty well so far.  It ships with its
own CD, with an "AirPcap" version of Wireshark (0.99.3-airpcap).  This leads
you to believe you must have an AirPcap-enabled version of Wireshark, so I
let it overwrite 0.99.4.  That's not necessary; 0.99.4 has built-in AirPcap
support.  Also, the CD loads Beta 1 of AirPcap, but Beta 2 is available
through, so don't waste your time with most of this CD. 
>From what I can tell, its only advantage is a little AirPcap control panel
that you will definitly want.

First major complaint: you have to specify the channel manually, there
appears to be no scan function built in.  So I went and downloaded
NetStumbler 0.4.0.  Seems pretty slick and, yes, is open source.  Any
suggestions for a scan app besides this?

It boggles the mind how many dozens (if not hundreds) of 802.11 frames are
flying around my neighborhood at any given moment (many just beacons and the
like, but it's amazing nevertheless).  Capture and display filters will be a

I'll be putting this to real-world use in the coming weeks, I'll post back
about my experiences.  So far so good for what appears to be a very new (and
reasonably priced) product...

p.s. Like any USB pin drive, it has a little slot for a lanyard, but doesn't
come with one.  Minor peeve, but a peeve nonetheless, as I'm the first to
lose such little things that aren't securely attached to self...

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