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Interesting RIPv2 scenario [7:115461] posted 11/08/2006
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Hey folks, an interesting RIPv2 scenario I came across.

Running RIPv2 between Router A and B.  A is injecting a default route into
RIP by using the â??default-information originateâ?? command under the
process along with a route-map setting the metric to 15 in effort to prevent
B from further sending this default onto any other RIP speaker.  A is also
redistributing OSPF into RIP with a route-map setting the metric to 10.  A
also has a summary RIP route configured on its interface leading to B.

Iâ??ve discovered that setting the metric of 15 in the route-map
accompanying the injected default route will also affect the summary routes
configured at the interface level.  However this does not affect the
redistributed OSPF routes.

So B receives all routesâ?¦..the default is a metric of 15 as expected, the
redistributed OSPF routes come in as a metric of 10 as expected but the
summary routes show up as 15.  This prevents B from passing them on any

I confirmed this behavior by changing the metric in the route-map applied to
the default statement on the fly and the summary metrics change along with
the default.


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