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RE: On-Call Rates [7:114792] posted 10/20/2006
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I would count the drive home as well since you normally wouldn't be driving
home a second time that day or during the night, weekend, etc.  Any time
that would not be part of your "normal" routine for that time should be
counted IMHO.


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here on call rotation is part of the job, luckily it's more of a liaison
when I get paged, I call whoever needs to be called, mail admin, server
admin, I'm the net admin

last place I was at there was a $100 bonus incentive for carrying the pager.
2 guys hogged the on call rotation for an extra $2600/year in salary.

place before that, any time over 45.5 hours was comped.


now where on this thread.  for tracking time, when do you start the clock
after the page comes in?

I usually start when I leave the house, since I would not be normally
driving into work on off hours.  and stop the clock when I am done.
I have to go home anyway so I don't count the drive home.

good thread!

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