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Re: On-Call Rates [7:114792] posted 10/20/2006
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Where I work if you are on call (this is for weekends only since that is the
only time we need anyone on call) and:

do not get called in you get paid an additional 100.00

do get called in you get paid 500.00 for the day.

On 10/20/06, Poulin, Darnell  wrote:
> You hit the nail right on the head. Several weeks ago we had a code
> release on one of our web servers, and a few days later the site started
> crashing every day, at all different times of the night. The fix was
> quite easy...simply restarted a com object in component services.
> Management kind of shrugged it off...until I submitted my overtime form
> for the week, showing 7 call ins, meaning the company owed me an extra
> 28 hours pay. Management quickly went to the development group and
> forced them to recognize and fix the problem.
> If I had not gotten paid for every call, the site may have experienced
> the problem for quite some time, each time affecting clients.
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> See, that's exactly my point.  Some genius implements a faulty system
> that will eventually cause more down time rather than holding the guilty
> party liable.  Don't know that you need a college degree or cert to make
> decisions as such.
> Oh, no!  I hope I didn't start up that month long thread again.
> On 10/20/06, John Knoernschild  wrote:
> >
> > I had to comment on this on.  We have no rotating pager.  All 5 of us
> > get all pages all the time.  We are always on!  They had a rotating
> > pager about 9 years ago, before I started and found that some techs
> > were not responding.  On of the managers decided that the solution was
> > to page everybody all the time.  Great solution!  What do we get?
> > Occasional comp time but nothing is in writing.  I got to get out of
> > here!
> >
> > john

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