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Re: Help:does a 2610XM image runs on C2610 ?! [7:113950] posted 09/25/2006
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The 2610 is limited to 16 meg of flash and 64 meg of dram. There are 
voice gateway features in IP plus images but this particular image 
requires 96 meg of dram and 32 meg of flash. If you're wanting Call 
Manager Express on a 2600 the 2650 is the only way to do it neatly.

John Smith wrote:
> Is the below an image which would run on a C2610 router ? 
> I am interested in voice and IS-IS features. I am asking because someone in
> this forum mentioned that certain images (IOS version 12.4) from 2610XM
> would NOT run on C2610 ? Please confirm. In general it is OK run 2610XM
> images on C2610 ?
> c2600-ipvoice-mz.123-20.bin

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