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RE: distance command for EIGRP [7:113679] posted 09/17/2006
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Very do able.....under the route map just set the tag to a number and
match at a later redistribution point 

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Subject: Re: distance command for EIGRP [7:113679]

Is it possible to "tag" the external routes at the distribution point
(because when the routes are redistributed from Static, BGP, OSPF, IGRP,
etc... into EIGRP a route-map can be assigned to the redistribution
statement to tag the routes) and then at some other point in the network
change the distance with a route-map matching on the tag?

Just throwing it out there... I know I'm a little rusty right now but I
though I remembered doing something similar a long while back.


On 9/16/06, Acer0001  wrote:
> Ben -
> You are right. I kitted a config up for the situation you have stated 
> and I can't find a way to exclusively single out external routes. I 
> thought that maybe a route-map could be applied at the redistribution 
> point, but if I remember right, AS is assigned at the local router 
> only and not carried to other routers. I would agree that all routes 
> are changed with the distance eigrp command.
> I used 2811s with 12.4 adventerprise images.
> John
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