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Re: New Job with ISP [7:113548] posted 09/12/2006
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Did they give you a break down of your job responsibilities before you took
the job?  Don't take this the wrong way as I may be wrong myself but in my
experience a System Admin whether it be NOC or not does generally the
samething as an OS Admin, just a different title.  Generally what I've seen
out there is a Network Administrator will manage network related devices and
handle issues from routing, switching, sometimes firewalls & ids, proxy
servers, etc.  System admins will manage the OS, AD, NDS, LDAP, DNS, WINS,
account ID's, scripting, file/print, etc related duties.


On 9/12/06, Markus Wipfler  wrote:
> Hi group,
> I am happy to say that I got a new Job with an ISP. Ill be working as Sys
> Admin at the Network Operations Center.
> In my previous work experience I have been more of a OS oriented Admin, I
> am
> comfortabe with Linux, Windows,etc....
> I also have experience with Cisco Routers, mainly connecting new sites to
> our Network via leased lines, as well as configuring Switches, trunks,
> vlans.
> I made it clear to the pple ill be working for that I am interest in a
> Networking carrier and that I come from a mostly OS admin background.
> I know that Ill learn alot at the Job but my Question is how can I prepare
> for the Job, and what is expected of me workin with NOC. I know that we
> will
> be monitoring clients and providing solutions
> on a daily basis, but I would appretiate People who are in the same field
> to
> tell me about their work experiences and if there is any way I could
> prepare
> myself petter for the Job.
> I ma also CCNA, MCSE and plaining on doing my CCNP next year.
> All advise is welcome.
> Rgrds
> Markus

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