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RE: Network Monitoring Tool [7:113450] posted 09/07/2006
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Lucent's VitalNet is a good tool.  It passively collects and presents lots
of interesting statistics, including Utilization, Errors, CPU, Memory, QoS
statistics, etc.  It's fairly customizable and configurable, and can even
generate traps to notify you when certain thresholds are breached.,,CTID+2020-STID+10439-SOID+1452-LOCL+1,00.html

shreyas ambikar wrote:
> Hello,
>   Which Network monitoring tools apart from cisco works, cyber
> gauge and MRTG are currently being used in the market? Can
> anyone please elablorate and also let me know which ones they
> are using... Thanks for your help and your time.
>   - Shreyas
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