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RE: Keepalives on Ethernet [7:111965] posted 07/23/2006
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Ethernet is a broadcast topology so all devices in the same broadcast domain
(switch port or entire hub) will see every frame sent no matter who it is
addressed to.  I've never heard of them being addressed to the same device
though.  It's possible I guess, and it would keep the frame from being sent
to other devices. If your really curious you can always read the standard
IETF 802.3

David Mahler wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm a bit confused on keepalives on Ethernet.  I know for
> Ethernet a router or switch will send keepalives on a periodic
> interval and that the source and destination mac address are
> the same in a keepalive.
> What I don't understand is how this actually keeps an interface
> up/up.  If a router sends a keepalive out with itself as the
> source and destination address...that message wouldn't get back
> to the router...

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