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Re: Cisco VoIP and Meridian 81c integration [7:111590] posted 07/11/2006
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You really want a QSIG trunk, if you can get it. You'll want to be running a
recent version of Succession to get all the QSIG bug fixes. In CallManager,
enable QSIG Path Replacement. We're in the middle of exactly this sort of
integration, but I'm not a Nortel guy so I can only be a little help.


On 7/11/06, Russ Uhte  wrote:
> Hey guys...
> Hoping some one here may have a little nortel meridian experience.
> I'm being meet with a little resistance from Verizon (our current
> solution provider for phones)
> We are building a brand new facility which is due to open Q407.  We
> are strongly considering a pure Cisco VoIP solution, but the execs
> want to see a pilot here in our old facility.  The network side is no
> issue.  However, Verizon is obviously bidding a tradition PBX system
> for the new facility, so they don't really want to help us with the
> integration.
> I think I have all the information I need to program our meridian
> switch, but nobody has really been able to give me a solid answer on
> which type of card I need in the switch.  My understanding is that I
> just need a PRI circuit coming out of it.  I'm not a PBX guy, but that
> sure doesn't seem like an extremely difficult request :)
> Thanks in advance,
> Russ

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