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RE: Oh brother. [7:111336] posted 07/10/2006
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There's shirts and more for CCIE - the lower level cert apparel is new
FWIW - I see nothing wrong with wearing it - the t-shirt is a bit over
the top, but the collar shirt is subtle, only stating the cert level on
the cuff. 

And maybe all that have spoken to this post are different, but I can
honestly say that vendor shirts are worn in the service provider world
as badges of honor - especially if the vendor hasn't been around for a
long time. A sort of nod to the length of time you've been in the

in case any aren't already aware, the CCIE store is still going strong
with logo merchandise...

- Bill Creighton 

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Interesting... I don't see and CCIE shirts (and that's how it should
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