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D.C area hands & eyes for Howard Berkowitz? [7:109543] posted 05/03/2006
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Is there anyone in the D.C. area who would be willing to lend Howard 
Berkowitz a hand?

    Howard started working for my company, Layer 3 Arts, a couple of 
months ago and and we're in the process of relocating him from D.C. to 
St. Louis. Howard has diabetes. Last night he pulled out of his drive 
way, his blood sugar was out of whack, and he backed his Jeep over the 
top of some Honda product. He is mostly OK, but they're holding him for 
observation on his blood sugar issues for the next day or two.

    It would help me a lot if someone in the D.C. area would go around 
to his house and give his Jeep a good looking over. I need to know if 
its driveable, or if I need to see about other arrangements to get him 
to St. Louis.

    Drop me a note here if you're in the area and you can swing by with 
a digital camera and send me some shots of the vehicle.

mailto:Neal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx // IM:layer3arts
voice: 402 408 5951
cell : 402 301 9555
fax  : 402 408 6902

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