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Re: devaluation ...for Letterman [7:108076] posted 03/25/2006
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i'd rather have a labrat working for me than a "testqueen" engineer...

""Uyota Oyearone""  wrote in message 
> Larry Letterman (lletterm) wrote:
> Sure there are...its called labrats with no real world experience..
> i dont believe someone from Cisco would write such a thing "Labrats"
> in otherwords Cisco is trying to discourage non working engineers from
> participating in their CCIE programs. what a shame!
> What i know is , anyone who has CCIE number must have worked hard, spent
> thousands of Dollars and world be able to sail smooth if given the
> opportuinity to work.
> Anyways thanks to "Larry Letterman" for exposing how Cisco feels about us
> not working in the Field.

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