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RE: Enterprise Multicasting [7:108108] posted 03/24/2006
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> Some very old apps are indeed local broadcast, they require speaking to
> every single host via locally... these are (should be)
> going away.
> Multicast is preferred as overhead is reduced to a single session
> generated
> by the server/ip phone/video conference, etc. Routers/switches use
> technologies such as pim, igmp, cgmp to get that multicast stream to
> parties
> that wish to listen to it.
> I have used multicast for Microsoft Automated Deployment Services and for
> Symantec Ghost. These are large bandwidth apps that can use a one to many
> transport model.

I've recently used mulitcast for Video, WCCPv2 Service Groups, and
Apache's mod_spread.

Fun stuff... Who would have though that multicast actually have practical
applications ;-)


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