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Re: DSL Modem [7:107970] posted 03/24/2006
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What you describe I would call a DSL router with build-in
DSL modem, switch, wireless, print server etc. Mostly for
home use e.g. from Linksys.

A DSL modem is just a layer 2 device with a DSL and an
Ethernet connection.


--- Max Reid  wrote:

> > Hi,
> >
> > I have not seen a DSL modem with more than one Ethernet
> > port. More than one port would mean more than one DSL
> > connections.
> There are a number of manufacturers (Allied Teleysn,
> Westell, Netopia,
> Comtrend, etc.) Who have integrated switches with their
> DSL modems. It's
> actually fairly common these days.  They also have built
> in firewalls and
> routing functions.
> The buzzword for them now is "Residential Gateways".
> Regards,
> Max

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