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RE: Naming conventions [7:107646] posted 03/14/2006
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What about using airport codes?  That is what I have seen at many
clients.  The airport code is generally three characters. 

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The problem I have is a global metwork with multiple sites in some
countries, so I need a country identifier, a city identifier, an
equipment identifier, an equipment location and an equipment function. I
want to keep it as short as possible to make telneting easier and I want
is to be
recognisable at first glance....   (all things to all men)John Neiberger
> I agree. It's "cute", but it doesn't scale well.
> >>> Smith, Steve B 3/14/06 8:08:15
> AM >>>
> Yeah just don't do that crazy mainframe/Unix thing of Pluto, Mars, the

> Moon, Snoopy! Man I hate seeing that crap. OK I feel better now. ;>
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> > All,
> >     Are there any guidelines or conventions for naming the
> components
> > of a network?  Has anyone a good working method they would
> like to
> > share ?
> >
> > Andy
> I usually begin hostnames with a letter that indicates the function of

> the device, e.g. R for routers, S for switches, etc. I then follow 
> that with the location and, if pertinent, floor numbers and that sort 
> of thing.
> So, if there is a single router at the New York location then the 
> hostname is RNEWYORK. If there are more routers then I add 01, 02, 
> etc., to the end. If our Denver office has multiple floors with a 
> switch on each floor, the first switch on the second floor would be 
> SDENVER0201.
> That seems to work for me. It allow me to know the type and location 
> of the device at a glance.
> John
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