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Re: testking exams [7:107604] posted 03/13/2006
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If you download a testking and memorize it you're a scumbag cheater :-)

   If you download a testking and use it as an authoritative study 
guide, doing labs in the areas you don't understand, I think you're a 
thorough student.

   I pulled the testking for DQOS because it was eating my brain, but I 
*learned* the areas I didn't know rather than memorizing.

   Just my $0.02 ... and they're not 100% - I found many wrong answers 
in the one I had.

Marco Morales wrote:
> hi people,
> how useful are testking exams? for bcmsn? ;)
> Marco
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> solve them."
> - Isaac Asimov
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