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Re: GigE testing. [7:107233] posted 03/02/2006
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I have been in a similar spot and ended up using IPERF
Using windows OS i could only generate about 450+Mb, with Linux OS (Knoppix) 
was able to generate full gigabit of traffic.
I did have to use a dell 2860 poweredge server w/dual xeon processors so 
hardware would support high levels of traffic as lesser hardware would not. 
(dell poweredge 1750 single P3 800 MHz, dell sx 270 mini 2.8GHz P4-so I'm 
not sure about using a laptop)

""Scott Rose""  wrote in message 
>I am involved in a project that will require the testing of GigE signals
> across a SONET ring. Is there a method to do this without a test set,
> utilizing software and a laptop?  It would need to be able to generate
> traffic
> and "log" results.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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