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Re: I need a help [7:106799] posted 02/16/2006
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"Cisco QoS Exam Certification Guide" by Wendell Odom, Cisco Press ISBN: 
1-58720-124-0 provides good coverage of QoS. Sometimes it seems more 
background information is needed then the doc cd provides. When this is 
the case, I will often search for books on the topic in question. I will 
then check reader reviews to confirm a book's quality.


Ed Lui wrote:
> Please route me to the QoS section in the DOCcd without using any
> static route and/or policy base routing.   :-)
> On 2/16/06, moosung son  wrote:
>>Hi...all I think I'm pretty good at routing protocol.However, I'm poor at
>>security, Qos, and IOS feature. Could you tell me some good source for
>>this stuff. Thank you

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