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Re: Recertifying [7:106369] posted 02/01/2006
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I know I have to take the tests to certify again, since I let them lapse.  I
wanted to know what I will need to do to recertify them next time they are
getting ready to expire.  I ws going to factor that into whether I would
pursue the CCDP and CCVP.  It sounds like its worth certifying and taking
the CCIE written to reup them.

Thanks for all the answers.

On 2/1/06, Kevin Wigle  wrote:
> The way I read your post, you are doing your certs "again".
> Therefore I assume that they have expired.
> I think all the posts missed that point.
> If that is the case, the CCIE written will not re-certify them, they are
> dead.  You need to do the whole track again for each.
> The CCIE written will only re-cert "current" certifications.
> Also, getting a CCIE doesn't confer any of the professional certs on you.
> You have to get the pro certs, then any CCIE written will re-cert them
> when
> the time comes.
> It will also re-cert specializations but specializations need to re-cert
> after 2 years and the pro stuff after 3 years so that would mean you would
> have to do a CCIE written every 2 years if you wanted to keep everything
> or
> every 3 years if you care about the pro certs.
> Kevin Wigle
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> Subject: Recertifying [7:106369]
> I am currently pursuing getting my CCNP (again), CCVP, and CCDP.  I want
> to
> go after my CCIE after that.  If I take a CCIE written and pass, will that
> recertify my CCNP, CCVP and CCDP?

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