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Re: 2505 Memory question [7:104671] posted 11/21/2005
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Joseph Rubino wrote:

>Hi group;
>I have 5 2505's for my CCIE lab.
>I want to boost the flash and RAM.
>I read something about "Prior to the Y2K upgrade, use of 3rd party flash
>memory required BOOT-2500= bios."

    Which boot roms do you have? Maybe 10.2.5, 10.2.8a, 11.0c?

   In my experience the older roms (9.14, 10.2.5) are often *very* 
naughty when it comes to upgrading via tftp and will require multiple 
attempts to get it right.

   You can buy new ROMs if needed, but my approach here would be to find 
one set that does tftp and such without any trouble, use that machine to 
upgrade the pairs of 8 meg single sided flash you'll need to run a large 
2500 image, then place those flash module pairs in the other routers.

   I am a professional Cisco junk collector, your mileage may vary :-)

>Can anyone elaborate?

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