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RE: 2950 vs. 3560 for VoIP [7:104329] posted 11/08/2005
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>>But for this sort of very basic functionality switching to the new model
>>just for POE and QoS is going to be difficult to cost justify, unless the
>>2950s are already 5 years old Or Cisco is willing to buy back the old
>>switches they sold you...
> They aren't going to buy them back but we can always sell them on the used
> market. I know Cisco doesn't like that but what do they expect us to do
> with
> them??

Office Space... ;)

> The big worry I have is that my managers will want to buy the Dell
> switches
> because they can save $2,400 off the cost of a discounted 3560. That's a
> significant savings when you consider the size of the project. It's just
> begging for trouble, though. I'd rather use our existing Cisco 2950s with
> power injectors than replace them with Dell switches. I think that's a bad
> long-term decision.

Your managers are justified in evaluating the Dell gear, as the ability to
simply tag a CoS on a packet and handle the Vox/Data Vlan thing is
commodity technology that most any switch will do just fine.

The Problem with going with dell isn't so much their ability to support
PoE and QoS.  It's the ability to manage, monitor, and provision the
system in concert with the rest of your Network Infrastructure... Syslog,
802.1x Auth, SNMP monitoring, Configuration monitoring etc.  You'll need
to figure out how much time that costs you on a daily basis and use those
numbers to either justify the Power Injectors or new switches.  If it
requires you to make subtantial modifications to perl scripts that backup
your configurations every night, then that activity needs a price tag. 
All these little things might drive up the costs of those dell switches to
erase any advantage due to lower inital CAPEX.


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