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RE: Home Network With VoIP Performance Problem [7:104244] posted 11/02/2005
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Just a real quick guess... 

Arp issues [and to be more specific, proxy-arp or arping for the C.1.1

c: 206.295.8051
d: 206.792.2356

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Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 10:54 AM
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Subject: Home Network With VoIP Performance Problem [7:104244]

Hello again, my friends. It has been a very long time.

I present for your consideration a problem I encountered a couple of
back when I moved my telephone service from POTS to VoIP via my
internet connection. Let me assure you I am not looking for
help. The problem is long resolved. I thought you folks might just enjoy
troubleshooting exercise. See if you can derive the reason for the
occurring, and the actions that ended the problem.

Please refer to the diagram found at

I hope that the diagram is clear enough and describes all the components

accurately and provides all the pertinent information. I will check back
clarify where necessary.

Given the described topology, all computers in the network, both on the 
wired and wireless side, have perfect access to the internet. All web 
browsing, e-mail, etc works just fine.

When POTS phone XXX-XXX-XXX0 ( right side - wired - of the diagram ) is
hook ( in use ) all computers in the network have perfect access to the 

However, when POTS phone XXX-XXX-XXX8 ( left side of the diagram ) is
hook, no computer has internet access. All phones work just fine. In
when I was troubleshooting, I could speak on XXX0 with the various tech 
support entities, whether XXX8 was on or off hook.

Another bizarre phenomenon was that when downloading large files (
dozens of 
megabytes ) the download would proceed for a time and then stop. By 
restarting the download several times, I might eventually get the entire

file. This phenomenon would occur only when XXX8 was on hook. As stated 
earlier, if XXX8 was off hook, FTP did not work at all.

As I said, the problem was resolved long ago. I found the eventual
quite interesting. I hope you enjoy the puzzle. I look forward to your 


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