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RE: PoE Switches [7:104190] posted 11/02/2005
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We use the PowerDsines for our wireless infrastructure (~900 AP's) but use
nothing but Cisco inline power/POE switches for telephony.  Of course on the
other side of our PowerDsines is a Cisco switch.  ;-)


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Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 9:34 AM
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Subject: RE: PoE Switches [7:104190]

I guess that is always a solution. I worked for a company that sells a soft
switch solution. They started putting PoE switches in each client but due to
cost started using the PowerDsine instead. Actually worked decent. They
still had small voice problems here and there that would pop up for some
unknown reason but for the most part it was pretty smooth.


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>>> Max Reid 11/1/05 4:41:03 PM >>>
>> I'd like to get some opinions from those who've already been down 
>> this path. Let's say I can get a 48-port PoE switch from Brand C for 
>> $4,000. For
>> sake of comparison, I can also get a 48-port PoE switch from Dell for

>> under $1,200. If we want to do VoIP, is the added functionality 
>> present in the Cisco switch worth the additional $2,800? Or, are we 
>> just talking about
>> bit more manual configuration? Is there something significant that 
>> we'd
>> missing by not using Cisco switches?
>tough question, usually for this desktop access layer sort of stuff any

>brand is fair game as long as your willing to tolerate the warts that 
>the SMC/Dell gear might impose on your NMS.
>Who's providing your Voip gear?
>And can you cook chickens with Dell Switches like you can with Dell

I meant to include that Cisco is proposing the IP telephony solution. We
just think they're switches are insanely over-priced. As an example,
assuming that we were to go with Dell switches instead of Cisco switches we
could save about $180,000 on this project. However, I've heard that Cisco
has walked away from IP telephony deals when the customer wanted to use
something else's switches. I guess the solution to that problem is to keep
our existing non-PoE switches and just use midspan power injectors, like
those available from PowerDsine. They do 802.3af and Cisco pre-standard
power and you can get a 48-port model for $1500-1600 or so.

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