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RE: PoE Switches [7:104190] posted 11/02/2005
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Interestingly, we just visited the San Jose campus and got to visit TAC
while we were there. I got to meet a few of the IPT TAC people and we got to
see the lab equipment room that they use. I was especially impressed that
you have to walk through their dedicated game room to get to the equipment
room. :)


>>> Larry Letterman (lletterm) 11/1/05 11:43:11 PM >>>
Trust me, you don't want your voice system having two parties 
Finger pointing at each other...I work in the bldg at richardson with 
The IPT tac center in it... 

Larry Letterman
Cisco Systems 

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> I meant to include that Cisco is proposing the IP telephony solution. 
> We just think they're switches are insanely over-priced. As an 
> example, assuming that we were to go with Dell switches instead of 
> Cisco switches we could save about $180,000 on this project.

That's a significant amount of $ for something as simple as desktop
phone connectivity... Only concern would be dell support.  See if you
can get an idea of how competent they are at supporting large scale
telephony deployment...


 However, I've heard that Cisco
> has walked away from IP telephony deals when the customer wanted to 
> use something else's switches. I guess the solution to that problem is

> to keep our existing non-PoE switches and just use midspan power 
> injectors, like those available from PowerDsine. They do 802.3af and 
> Cisco pre-standard power and you can get a 48-port model for
$1500-1600 or so.
> John

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