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Frame relay & DSL [7:103053] posted 09/27/2005
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Boy o Boy Verizon has me confused...

We are a DSL reseller.  Our customers DSL circuits are ATM to the CPE. 
They come back to me on a DS/3 frame circuit.  All of the DSL circuits 
that are 1.5M/384k are perfect.  However, the 3M/768k circuits don't get 
  even close to the 3M over a 1MB download.  I definitely see it burst 
to 3M, but it doesn't sustain that rate for much longer than a second. 
Generally the average is about 1.3Mb.

Verizon told me that my UBR rate needed to match there's.  I told them 
this was a frame circuit.  Am I wrong, or is there a way to set a UBR on 
a frame circuit?

Just for SNG's I create a frame relay class map as shown below, but it 
didn't change the behavior at all.  I applied this to the serial 
interface, and also enabled frame relay traffic shaping on it.  Am I 
missing something obvious?

map-class frame-relay threemb
  frame-relay adaptive-shaping becn
  frame-relay cir 3145728

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