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RE: [POSSIBLE SPAM] Network problem ? Outlook is retrieving [7:103032] posted 09/26/2005
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The speed connection is 512K IPsec tunnel connection. 
I had just rebooted the Exchange server and the Domain
controllers (also the master DNS server). It seems to
resolve the issue but still need to monitor.

I did reboot the exchange server alone this morning
but it doesn't resolve the issue. Why DC is involved? 

--- "Arnold, Jamie"  wrote:

> What speed is the connection between offices where
> this is happening?
> It's normal to see Outlook gathering data (2003)
> from Exchange.  It's
> not normal for it to hang the client.  Lots of
> things can cause the
> timeouts to be exceeded..many of them are Exchange
> related. 
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> richard martin
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> Subject: [POSSIBLE SPAM] Network problem ? Outlook
> is retrieving data
> [7:103018]
> Hi..  One of my branch office is having this error
> "Outlook is
> retrieving data from the Microsoft Exchange Server"
> on their outlook
> very frequent and causing their outlook and PC to
> hang.  
> The exchange server is in HQ and that branch office
> is having
> Cisco-Cisco IPsec connection to HQ and connect via
> Ms Exchange Method.
> I tried to have ping test to that branch office LAN
> and the ping time is
> normal and but it have intermitent request time out.
>  But if I ping the
> branch PIX external IP, there is no request time
> out.  
> I found it happen often when they are search for
> those sharebox on the
> server.  Strange thing is it only happen today and
> the problem is very
> serious and it happen to this branch office only. 
> When I connect to the
> PC there via VNC, it drop my connection frequently. 
> Last month it happen before, I restart exchange
> server to resolve it but
> this time it doesn't solve.  what
> your suggestion ?    The recent change is I upgrade
> PIX to new IOS.  But it should affect right ?
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